Cut down landfill waste

Poynton Rotary wish to encourage our wonderful Party in the Park audience to bring reusable cups, plates and containers in their picnic, and to then take these home at the end of the event.
Also, we would ask that glass bottles or plastic containers are also taken back home and placed in residential recycling bins.
We recommend that reusable containers be presented to vendors at the time of purchase, rather than take away a single use plastic container.

The benefits are:
  • There will be less waste going into landfill
  • Plates, cups can be reused again and again
  • Also the army of volunteers that turn up on Sunday morning (Fathers Day) will have much less to clear up.
  • Finally, without so much litter trodden into the grass, there will be less risk to wildlife in the park.
Here are few ideas of what you can do to help:
  1. Bring your own reusable screw top cup
  2. Use stainless steel drink bottles and fill with tap water
  3. Invest in canvas or cotton bags to carry your  food, drinks, plates, etc.
  4. Buy loose fruit to reduce plastic use and food waste and just buy the amount you need
  5. Buy paper drinking straws and refuse plastic ones
  6. Use travel cutlery rather than plastic throwaway items

We have asked our vendors what they can do:

The Coffee Pod will give a 25p discount if you bring your own cup, they will only offer compostable cups & lids, and paper straws, and offer customers reusable cups to purchase made from bamboo.  Wildfire Pizzas use recycled plates and boxes.